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A mobile app that provides knowledge and tools for domestic workers to fight for their rights

Laudelina de Campos Melo, an activist of the black movement, created in 1936, in the city of Campinas / SP, the first association of domestic workers in Brazil. For decades the rights of the category were very limited: only in 2013, with Constitutional Amendment 72, and in 2015, with Complementary Law 150, basic rights such as the limit of working hours and the payment of overtime were regulated.


By 2015, Brazil had more than 6 million people in domestic work, of which 92% were women and 61% were black. Even with the strong discrimination, domestic employment was the source of millions of family income and an alternative of economic autonomy for women. We believe that the workers knowledge about their rights is fundamental to make them come true and for this, LAUDELINA application has been developed. Its objective is the dissemination of new rights and creation of a network between domestic workers and their unions.


Laudelina has a manual on the rights of domestic workers; salary calculators, benefits and contractual termination; list of protection institutions from different Brazilian cities; and network of contacts of workers from the same region, enabling the exchange of information, strengthening of a support network, and facilitating the organization of workers, including trade unionists.


Laudelina app is a joint action of THEMIS – Gênero Justiça e Direitos Humanos and FENATRAD- Federação Nacional das Trabalhadoras Domésticas, developed by Conceptu Protótipos e Sistemas with the support of the 2016 Google Social Impact Challenge Award.

Download the Laudelina application at:

To follow the news about the Laudelina project, follow the Facebook page:

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