A digital platform that promotes the management and monitoring of several renewable energy plants at the same time. Complate management for the Integrator and its customers.

WattPanel is a company developed within Coneptu Prototipos e Sistemas, in the branch of renewable energies solutions,  that consists of software that offers monitoring of multiple plants and data analysis for the segment of renewable energies.

Through a digital platform, it is possible to monitor in real time the operation of micro and minigeration plants, integrating inverters of different brands, issue alerts on occurrences and draw comparatives of the production and delivery with the invoices of the distributors, all in one place! Without the need for a specific datalogger or the installation of any equipment, it's all digital!  


EPC's companies that hire WattPanel services can access multiple panels at different sites for each brand of inverter and for each customer it serves. WattPanel already monitors inverters from ABB, APSystems, B & B, Fronius, Growatt, SMA and Hoymiles. You can also track your customers' energy production rates, comparing with our energy account analysis from the distributor, ensuring that no energy or production capacity is missing along the way.

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